Wireless standard agreed for high-definition video transmission

Wireless HD

The Wireless Home Digital Interface 1.0 (WHDI) standard and technical specification has been approved by a consortium including Hitachi, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp and Sony.

It enables wireless, uncompressed 1080p/60Hz high-definition video delivery throughout the home, so consumers can connect an HD source – such as a Blu-ray player, PC or laptop – wirelessly to a TV or projector.

The WHDI spec allows for the transmission of HD video with Deep Colour at a distance of up to 100ft through walls, at video data rates up to 3Gbps in a 40MHz channel in the 5GHz band.

It also complies with HDCP 2.0 (High Definition Copyright Protection) to provide Hollywood-approved security and digital content protection.

By purchasing products with the WHDI logo, consumers will be able to connect different devices from different manufacturers to deliver HD content around the home without the need for complex and expensive wiring.

We first saw the WHDI system demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas in January, with prototype products from LG and Panasonic, and expect to see plenty more products using the standard at CES in January 2010.

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