That’s right, the greatest blog-feature in the history of the internet* is back! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is my regular look at the best HD content coming over the next week. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, Blu-ray or TV show – if it’s hi-def and good, it makes the list. If you disagree with my picks or think I’ve missed something good, post in the comments section below.

Friday 1st May

GamesThe only notable game release of the week is X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which bucks the movie-game tie-in tradition by actually being half-decent. It’s available today on Xbox 360, PS3, and just about every other format you can think of.

X-Men – Sky Screen 1HD – 8pmDecided not to put yourself through the astronomical prices, sticky floors and badly calibrated surround sound of your local cinema in order to catch Wolverine? How about curling-up with his first (and best) movie outing at home, for free, instead?

Lake Placid – Sky1 HD – 10pmOk, so it’s silly and a bit old now, but this comedy-horror about a giant killer croc is lots of fun, and fairly family-friendly.

Dexter – FX HD – 10pmFinding Freebo: after a bit of a rough patch during last season, Dexter is absolutely back on form. In this episode everyone’s favourite blood-spatter expert / vigilante serial killer tries desperately to track down Freebo before the rest of the cops do.

Generation Kill – FX HD – 11.05pmThe Cradle of Civilization: this short series focuses on the American soldiers of Bravo Company during the early stages of the Iraq war. It’s from the creators of The Wire and, as you might expect given that pedigree, is complicated, morally ambiguous, and totally, utterly brilliant. It looks and sounds superb, too.

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross – BBC HD – 10.35pmFrankly, I couldn’t give two hoots about what musical-director-turned-reality-TV-sellout Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber has to say, nor our Eurovision ‘hope’, Jade Ewen, but Rob Brydon’s also on and he’s absolute class. Plus, The Enemy are playing live, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Later with Jools Holland – BBC HD – 11.35pmTonight’s guests include Depeche Mode, Sonic Youth and the lovely Lily Allen.

Saturday 2nd May

Live Ford Football Special – Sky Sports HD1 – 12.30pmMiddlesborough v. Manchester United: Premier League victory’s tantalisingly close for Man U – can Borough become a stumbling block?

Turner & Hooch – Sky Screen 1HD – 3.55pmThis early Tom Hanks vehicle about a cop and his dog is a certified family classic – perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Deep Blue Sea – Sky Screen 2HD – 7pmYeah, ok, this ultra-stupid film about genetically-modified super sharks is far from high-brow, but it’s still tense fun, and the underwater action looks great in HD.

I Am Legend – Sky Screen 2HD – 7.15pmMuch like the film’s star, Will Smith, I Am Legend divides opinion. I’m quite keen on it myself, and the frequent dark scenes make it a great system tester.

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Sunday 3rd May

Live Ford Super Sunday – Sky Sports HD1 – 3.45pmSunderland v. Everton: Sunderland are desperately trying to stay out of the relegation zone, but a visiting Everton side will prove dangerous opposition.

Planet Earth – BBC HD – 5.30pmFreshwater: Planet Earth always looks stunning in HD, and this edition, which follows the trail of our greatest rivers from mountain to sea, promises to be no exception.

The Terminator – Sky Screen 1HD – 8pmThe release of the very promising-looking Terminator Salvation draws ever-nearer, so why not remind yourself what all the fuss is about by watching the first movie in the series in HD. I don’t care what anyone says; it’s definitely better than Terminator 2.

Lost – Sky1 HD – 9pmThe Variable: Lost’s 100th episode sees the return of my favourite character, the secretive Daniel Faraday. It’s time for some answers.

Fringe – Sky1 HD – 10pmBad Dreams: this excellent X-Files-like series continues with Agent Dunham experiencing some rather nasty visions.

Monday 4th May

Blu-raysIt’s far from a massive week for HD discs, with no brand new films hitting shelves. However, modern classics Sin City, Silence of the Lambs, There’s Something About Mary and the superb Fargo all get the Blu-ray treatment.

Live Ford Football Special – Sky Sports HD1 – 7.30pmAston Villa v. Hull City: Villa may have messed-up on getting fourth place, but they’re still playing for a spot in Europe, while Hull are desperately fighting for Premier League survival.

Natural World – BBC HD – 7.40pmGreat White Shark – A Living Legend: nothing scares the hell out of me like sharks do (I blame Spielberg), but they’re also fascinating, so I’ll be checking out this BBC documentary.

24 – Sky1 HD – 9pmI’m still in two minds about this latest series of 24: it’s peculiarly paced, riddled with plot-holes, and boasts some of the most jarringly rubbish and inappropriate music I’ve ever heard accompanying a TV show, but it’s also occasionally thrilling and action-packed, so I may well stick with it to the end of the series.

Tuesday 5th May

Mad Men – BBC HD – 10pmMeditations in an Emergency: the final episode in the current series of this excellent drama series promises to be a thriller.

Wednesday 6th May

England v. West Indies – Sky Sports HD1 – 10amDay one of the first test at Lord’s. Here’s hoping for good weather and a decent English performance.

Chelsea v. Barcelona – Sky Sports HD2 – 7pmIt’s the second-leg of Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final. Fingers crossed they’ll actually try to score a goal this time.

Thursday 7th May

England v. West Indies – Sky Sports HD1 – 10amDay two of the first test.

One to Avoid – Meet the SpartansClogging up valuable airtime on Sky Premiere HD all week is this truly repulsive film from the team that brought you Scary Movie. Not only is the film offensive, it’s offensively rubbish, with zero laughs and an abundance of homophobia and racism. Avoid like Swine Flu.

* blog-feature may not actually be the greatest in the history of the internet.