Maybach 57S
Few of us can afford a £308,000 Maybach, but we thought it would be fun to check out its Bose in-car system and see what your money buys

We've got our petrolheads on today, as it's press day at the British Motor Show in London's Docklands. Just in case you think you've accidentally logged on to, fear not, you're still in the land of all things hi-fi and home cinema.

But we're looking at the latest in in-car entertainment systems, and thought it would be fun to check out the Bose system in a £308,000 Maybach 57S.

Now sadly the very nice chaps at Maybach wouldn't actually lend us a car to drive, but they did send one of their drivers down to our offices to give our man Andy Kerr, Editor of the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guides, a whizz round the block.

Andy has reviewed the Maybach's in-car system for the Ultimate Guide to High-End Entertainment, on sale from July 31st, so we won't give too much away at this stage.

But here's a little taste of what your £308,000 buys you: a Bose in-car hi-fi and home cinema system with tilting LCD screens in each seat-back for rear passengers (and if you own a Maybach, you'll almost certainly be sitting in the back); two 5.1 decoders; a three-way speaker arrangement in each front door, and a similar arrangement in the rear doors but without the midrange drivers – instead, there are four of them in the rear parcel shelf. Oh, and there's a huge 25cm subwoofer in its own enclosure.

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Naturally, rear seat passengers get their own controls and headphone sockets, although the system doesn't offer iPod connectivity or DAB radio, which seems a shame.

So how does it all sound? Well, you'll have to wait for the publication of the next Ultimate Guide to find out. There's a full review on pages 128-129.