Virgin Media adds further 3D titles to its on-demand TV service

Virgin 3D Safari

The BBC and ESPN may have given up on 3D telly, but Virgin Media (like Sky) continues to offer customers the option.

In fact, Virgin is offering an array of new 3D titles to its service from this month, including 3D blockbusters Life of Pi, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Oz the Great and Powerful. This will raise the amount of 3D content on Virgin's cable TV network from 25 to 50 hours.

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More than one million 3D films and programmes have been watched on Virgin's 3D on Demand service, the company claims.

Kevin O'Neil, Virgin's head of TV product management, says: "3D offers a unique and often breathtaking experience... 3D at no extra cost is is proving to be a valuable addition for many of our TV fans."

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Also coming soon in 3D on Virgin are Discovery's Monster Trucks 3D and Hillbilly Blood Series 2, Sony TV's Scary Tales and NMV TV's 3D Safari and 3D Dive.

By Andy Clough

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