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Vinyl sales beat digital downloads for the first time

It's been a good few days for vinyl sales. New data from the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) reveals that album record sales were greater than digital downloads in 'week 48' of 2016.

The ERA says £2.4m was spent on vinyl albums, as reported by The Vinyl Factory, while only £2.1m was spent on digital downloads. In contrast, at this point last year only £1.2m was spent on vinyl albums in comparison to the £4.4m on digital downloads.

The industry body predicts that the increase in sales could be due to a number of factors, such as Black Friday deals, the popularity of vinyl as a Christmas gift (which we endorse), and the increasing number of high street supermarkets now stocking vinyl (and cheap record players).

This is good news for the engineers at the Audio Engineering Library, whose recent study says that compressed audio make you less happy. That is, provided the people buying vinyl actually listen to their records - rather than join the reported 48% that never play their vinyl.

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