Vinyl Alliance gains ground to 'strengthen the position' of records

Vinyl Alliance gains ground to 'strengthen the position' of records
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Vinyl Alliance is a new group that has formed to help 'strengthen the position of vinyl records in a digital world' – and it's just made headway by appointing an executive board.

The group has Audio-Technica, Pro-Ject, Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Analogue Foundation, GZ Media and Ortofon as members, and aims to 'promote vinyl records as a modern way to consume music'. 

Nike Koch of Sony Music Entertainment, and Audio-Technica's Kurt Van Scoy are among the board members. An announcement regarding new memberships is expected to be made soon, according to Digital Music News.

It's early days for the Vinyl Alliance, but it's been formed to nurture the vinyl industry, which has of course flourished since the 'vinyl revival' kicked off several years ago, and help boost consumers' appreciation of the format in an increasingly digital world.

The group's founder Bryan Ekus, who is behind Making Vinyl, a B2B conference dedicated to the vinyl manufacturing business, told Digital Music News: "There’s a need to bring the vinyl record industry together to prevent the devaluations of the format by formulating a strategic approach to promote vinyl records as a premium consumer experience in an era of streaming."


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  • Terry Webb
    So what happened to "HD vinyl" then. Wouldn't that have helped to "strengthen the position of records" ?
  • Who needs HD vinyl? If you get the right recording it will sounds brill. HD, remaster, etc. are just ways to spend your cash on things you don't really need. Keep it simple.