Vertere Acoustics unveils DG-1 Dynamic Groove, its most affordable turntable

Vertere Acoustics launches DG-1 Dynamic Groove record player

Vertere Acoustics has just announced the DG-1 Dynamic Groove record player at High End Munich 2019

The company’s current record player range has typically focused on the high-end of the market with the top deck/arm combinations retailing for premium car money, so the arrival of the sub-£3000 DG-1 is something of a departure.

The significantly lower price point has meant that the company couldn’t just re-use the engineering solutions in its existing products and then find the cost savings needed. Instead it has taken a fresh ground-up design approach to achieve what it thinks are the best solutions for the price.

While the deck (with arm) is available for £2750, a £100 premium gets you a factory-fitted Audio Technica AT-VM520 cartridge.

The DG-1's tonearm uses a triple-layer construction

The DG-1's tonearm uses a triple-layer construction

The DG-1’s plinth uses a sandwich construction of three layers of acrylic reinforced with a steel chassis to give a rigid yet well damped structure for the cartridge to work from. Similarly, the aluminium platter has a bonded PETG (a thermoplastic polymer) mat and a cork/neoprene/nitrile disc on the underside to give a good combination of rigidity and damping.

But it’s the arm that really grabs our attention. Rather than using a conventional arm tube, which give rigidity but also prone to resonances, the DG-1’s arm takes a similar approach to the plinth by using a triple-layered construction to provide a stable, properly damped home for the cartridge. Its bearings are unusual too, discarding traditional metal designs for twisted nylon threads – one for movement in the horizontal plane and two for the vertical axis. Even the wiring is unconventional, using a gold-plated flexible PCB rather than traditional cables.

The DG-1 comes complete with electronic speed control to shift between 33 1/3rpm and 45rpm and a lid. We can’t wait to hear it.


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