User review of the month, May - Arcam FMJ A39

With a pair of Award-winning Spendor A6R floorstanders to power, dananski auditioned a long line of contenders from the usual suspects, including Roksan, Naim, Cyrus and Rega, before eventually settling on the Arcam FMJ A39.

With previous experience of the Arcam FMJ A19 under his belt, dananski was well-positioned to give his opinion on the jump from the £650 amp to its more expensive sibling, noting that the pricier model offered "greater detail, greater musicality, greater dynamics and oodles of authoritative command".

In fact dananski's only real gripe is the sound of the internal fan - we always encourage experimenting with set-up, but he's contemplating a spot of internal tweaking: "I might find a quieter fan... it's only a problem when I want minimal volume for a long time".

We liked the clear and concise nature of the review with equal attention paid to build, sound and features. Dananski also notes the positive effect of running the amp in, which we'd definitely encourage to help get kit performing at its absolute best.

You can read the full Arcam A39 user review here. Congratulations to dananski and enjoy your new Chord Mojo, which will be winging its way to you shortly.

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