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snakebite's picture

harman Kardon Sabre SB35 Soundbar


I am rearly pleased with this soundbar with wireless sub especially the sub,it is the slimmest sub I have ever seen but has a fantastic low end.the soundbar has three HDMI inputs etc.bluetooth and a volume that`s loud and clear agreat all rounder.

Hayley Berry's picture

Samsung tv 32inch

This Tv i have had for a while but it doesnt disappoint. Having a good make to start with is where it all begins. The colour and sound quality is brilliant and allows my children to have fun and enjoy playing their xbox without having distorted colours.  It comes with HD and all the ports at the back including a HDMI port which in this day and age is what you need. The only downside is that it doesn't have freeview, but this didnt deter me from purchasing it as ive brought a freesat box seperate. I can highly recommend Samsung as this is not the only product of theirs i have. I also have a 2 mobile phones and a tablet. 

Adamskiman's picture

Samsung UE32H6400

An amazing TV, perfect for cinema night or just catching up on your favorite shows. Great for gaming with amazing ultra HD resolution and epic sound. Costs a little more but well worth it, Samsung is a brand I trust to deliver and it does.
mitsubzt's picture

Sony Bravia KDL40W5500U

Thought i would leave this review a few weeks before passing comment to give this tv time to settle in. On recieving it noticed the backlight in the top corners like two searchlights and was concerned to say the least but after going onto forums it advised to let it settle in, glad i didnt jump the gun!The backlight is no longer an issue and the picture on blu ray is fantastic, a real depth of field and clarity. Standard tv is not world beating and if its a bad picture this tv will enhance the problem. Picture modes take a bit of fiddling with but you get used to them eventually. So to sum up with good inputs this tv is amazing, but dont be expecting the same quality on standard def. GIVE IT A FEW WEEKS TO SETTLE IN and you will see the difference. Is it better than the outgoing 4500 or the samsungs? Use your own eyes not some bod using high end kit that youll never own.

telmealing's picture

Samsung UE55HU7500

This tv in my opinion is one of the best on the market.The picture is fantastic and the sound, although not the best is still fantastic

If you buy this tv i would consider adding some external speakers to enhance the sound




Andy Clough's picture

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