Krell Evolution 555
Evolution 555 player will have network streaming, iPad control app and a forthcoming 3D upgrade

On the way from Krell is the Evolution 555, the company's first Blu-ray player. Due on sale in December, it will offer internet/network streaming and access to video-on-demand services, and will be upgradable to 3D operation during the second quarter of 2011.

Set to sell for $15,000 (around £9500), the player will have UPnP streaming for video and audio, and will access the Netflix and Hulu on-demand services. Media can also be played from a USB stick.

As standard the player has an Ethernet connection, with an IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless card available as an option, and can be controlled either by a computer over a network, or using Krell's first iPad app, which will also be available in December.

The company's Evolution CAST technology is employed, transferring audio between components as current, rather than voltage, variations to eliminate cable distortions and lower the noise floor.

On the video side, the player will offer a vertical stretch feature, to remove the black bars top and bottom of images without adding distortion. The 3D upgrade will require a video board swap.

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Also new from Krell is the $2500 (about £1575) S-350a CD player, which has electrical and optical digital inputs to allow it to operate as a DAC for other digital components. A USB to coaxial digital adapter is available for under $100 to allow PCs to be connected to the player.Follow on Twitter Join on Facebook