Dan D'Agostino Momentum
Dan D'Agostino Inc. announces $42,000-a-pair Momentum monoblocs, consuming just 1W on standby

High-end audio designer Dan D'Agostino, who founded Krell back in 1980, has a new company – and an all-new amplifier design, designed for compact dimensions and ultra-low standby power consumption.

D'Agostino parted company with Krell earlier this year, having sold the company in 2009, and his new company, Dan D'Agostino Inc., will build and test its products in the USA – in Weston, Connecticut, to be precise.

The new Momentum monobloc power amplifier, which will sell for $42,000 a pair, delivers 300W into 8ohms, 600W into 4ohms and 1.2kW into 2ohms, and yet is both small and energy-efficient.

D'Agostino says that while 'most 300-watt monoblocs are the size of an air conditioner, the Momentum fits easily into an equipment rack' – in fact it stands just 10cm tall, is 32cm wide and 45cm deep.

And along with its low 1W standby power consumption, the amplifier has been designed to run cooler than conventional designs, thanks to the use of copper for the heatsinks, and ventures instead of the more usual fins.

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These have a 19mm opening top and bottom, narrowing to around 12mm in the centre, the expansion of the hot air at the upper opening drawing cool air in at the bottom.

The chassis is machined from a solid billet of aluminium, and the amplifier is assembled from the base so no fasteners are in evidence on the front, back, sides or top-plate.

Finishing the design is a prominent power meter inspired by Breguet watches, and bearing D'Agostino's signature.

Following soon will be a matching Momentum preamplifier, said to be 'a unique product that combines the functions of a traditional analogue preamplifier with a digital media server'.Follow whathifi.com on Twitter Join whathifi.com on Facebook