US NEWS: Simaudio flagship home cinema processor/amp and HDMI switcher at CEDIA Expo

Simaudio Moon CP-8

The CP-8 processor is designed for enthusiasts, as you might expect from the $18,000 US price-tag. It has HDMI inputs and output, processing for all the latest HD audio modes, and three-zone multisource capability.

There's Audyssey MultEQ XT automatic cailbration, full custom-install remote connectivity, HD Video Circuitry using 12-bit/216MHz encoders/decoders with NSV Precision Video that includes Faroudja DCDi video processing, 1080p video pass-through, and up to 1080p analogue-video-to-HDMI upscaling.

The matching HDMI switcher is the $2000 HDS-8, which offers five inputs, full 6.75Gb/s pass-through and remote control, and supports all interlaced and progressive picture formats with DVI back-compatibility.

Completing the system is the MC-8 power amplifier, available in configurations from two to eight channels, and selling for $15,000-$20.000. It operates in Class A up to 5W output (!), keeps signal paths short for improved transient response, and is said to use "An enormous power supply featuring a proprietary toroidal transformer design that allows for astonishing dynamics from Blu-Ray soundtracks.

"The result is the world's first and only multi-channel amplifier capable of simultaneously handling 7 channels of uncompressed audio without any dynamic compression."

Maximum continuous power output on each channel is 250W into 8ohms, 500W into 4 ohms and 1kW into 2 ohms.