XpanD X103
European company XpanD aims to have models on sale in June able to work with almost all 3D TVs

There are hardly any 3D TVs out there yet, but already the worries have started about manufacturers' active glasses systems not being interoperable. What happens if your friends with a 3D TV invite you round to watch a movie: will the glasses from your TV work with their set?

Yes, we know it looks far-fetched now, but go with us on this one...

Anyway, a solution may be at hand courtesy of XpandD, a European company already supplying active glasses to cinemas. Its new X103 glasses, due on sale in June, will not only work with its own Xpand cinema systems, but also with 'virtually any monitor capable of playing 3D content', including movies and games.

The company says that the glasses will come in a choice of 12 colours, will give around 250 hours of use on a set of batteries, and has automatic power off to extend battery life. It also claims 'the fastest shutter technology in the business' for brighter pictures, using its pi-cell LCD operation.

XpanD launched the glasses at last week's ShoWest 2010 trade show for cinema operators in Las Vegas, and says that 'While we support TV manufacturers by manufacturing glasses for them, we are also requested by the same manufacturers to sell universal active glasses that will work with all the modern 3D TVs'.

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The company says its products have 'the best quality in the industry with the highest speed LCD lenses, lowest crosstalk and greatest viewing angle. Thousands of cinemas in over 50 countries on six continents use XpanD 3D glasses every day.'

Pricing is yet to be announced for the X103 glasses.

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