launches TID Pro service
The dance music download site will charge 'Pros' £10 a month to get all their music at the reduced 'cost price'

Online dance music store has launched a new subscription service offering discounted downloads for members who pay a monthly fee.

TID Pro will cost £10 a month and give members access to all their music downloads at 'cost price'.

This means that WAV files will cost 99p rather than £1.75, while 320kbps MP3 files will be down from £1.49 to 79p. founder Ed Real says: "TID Pro means [customers'] money now goes much further. It's great for artists as they sell more and our unique model means labels don't take a knock either.

"All labels will receive the same return as the full priced tracks so they can continue to reinvest in new artists and new music.

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"We feel this is a groundbreaking development for the music industry which has traditionally associated discounting and subscription with loss in revenue."

The site says that a user that currently spends £12.50 a week on downloads could save enough money to buy 17 more tracks a month with the TID Pro service.

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