There's now an LG OLED Evo TV with a motorised Kvadrat cover

LG gave its OLED Evo TV a design-led makeover with motorised cover
(Image credit: LG)

LG's OLED Evo TV, aka the LG G1, shows some pretty stunning visuals on-screen, and now LG has turned the set itself into a work of art. It's given the TV a design-led makeover complete with a motorised fabric screen.

Called the LG OLED Evo Object Collection (or 65ART90), this new OLED TV is billed as a "product for premium customers" looking to upgrade their living space. Instead of hanging the TV on a wall or placing it on a stand, you're meant to lean this one against the wall, similar to how some art galleries display their works. Apparently this "makes the space even more beautiful". Or makes it look like you've just moved in and haven't unpacked properly yet, take your pick.

LG gave its OLED Evo a design-led makeover with motorised cover

(Image credit: LG)

The stand does look a bit like an easel, and the motorised cover moves up and down using the remote control. Move it to only show part of the screen, and you can display music controls or the time, while in full-screen mode there are some exclusive themes that no doubt make the space even more beautiful.

The cover is wrapped in fabric made by Danish textile brand Kvadrat. It's the same fabric that's used on the speaker section of the rollable LG Signature OLED R TV (which isn't one of LG's brighter Evo models, remember), and it comes in three colours: beige, redwood, and green.

Behind the cover is a speaker that pumps out 80W through 4.2 channels.

It's Korea-only for now, where it goes on sale on 15th December for 9.9 million won (around £6000 / $8000 / AU$11,800).


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