There's a new OLED TV panel manufacturer on the block

There's a new OLED TV panel manufacturer on the block
(Image credit: BOE)

BOE could be about to join Samsung and LG in the race to build OLED TVs (via flatpanelshd).

The Chinese electronics giant recently unveiled a 95-inch 8K OLED TV with a 120Hz refresh rate at Display Week 2022 – and market research firm DSCC thinks it could be offered for commercial use.

"DSCC sources in China have learned that BOE plans to commercialize the 95" 8K White OLED TV panel shown at Display Week. I must admit, I heard this at the exhibit during Display Week but did not believe it, but our sources in China confirm BOE’s intent," reads Bob O'Brien's report.

BOE's monster panel boasts an ultra-thin bezel and a resolution of up to 7680×4320 pixels, together with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and a DCI-P3 99% wide color gamut. The display is understood to be equipped with an HDR algorithm that allows for deeper black levels, and a peak brightness of 800 nits.

Price wars in the LCD TV market have forced LG and Samsung to concentrate on premium OLED panels. Samsung Display is expected to cease production of its LCD panels in June, while LG has already slashed its LCD production. 

With any luck, BOE's rumoured entry into the OLED market will make it cheaper to buy an ultra-large TV. Currently, an 88-inch 8K LG Z29 OLED TV will set you back £25,000 (around $30,000 / AU$43,000), so a more affordable OLED solution would be most welcome.


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