The "world's first truly wireless TV" will launch at CES 2023 – no wires, no ports, no problem?

Displace TV
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If you are going to launch a crazy TV concept, CES is certainly the world stage to do it on. Out-there screens are bound to be on display at CES 2023 in a few weeks' time, and a 55-inch 4K OLED TV from US startup company Displace looks nailed on to be one of them. And not just any 55-inch 4K OLED TV, you hear, but "the world's first truly wireless TV".

If you are already imagining the TV in your living room simply minus its power plug and HDMI cables dangling out of the back, think again – the Displace TV really is quite a different beast to what currently takes pride of place in our lounge. The concept sees one panel – or multiple panels that can create a display up to 110 inches with a 16K resolution – fix to a wall in a home. Thanks to Displace's proprietary active-loop vacuum technology, these panels can be securely stuck to a wall simply with "a slight push", as opposed to the more traditional permanent wall mounting. In this sense, the TV is easily transportable – not least as the 55-inch unit weighs less than 9kg.

Powering the panels instead of an AC power supply are – you guessed it – rechargeable batteries. They have a battery life of around a month based on six hours of active TV time per day and can be charged one at a time while the TV is operational courtesy of Displace's proprietary hot-swappable battery system. The panels wireless connect to a base unit that does indeed require power from an electrical outlet, though this can be tucked away out of sight.

You probably will have guessed by now that the Displace TV doesn't come with your bog-standard remote control. In fact, it doesn't come with one at all. Completing its quirkiness is its exclusive control via hand gestures, voice assistants and touch panels, making it much more interactive than a standard telly. On that front, there is a built-in 4K camera and support for Wi-Fi 6E too, making us think this is closer to being a giant tablet than a television.

Displace clearly has its sights set on shaking up the TV market by swapping our inflexible, bulky and cluttered sets for its transportable, wire-free and hands-on alternative, though whether we (or our bank accounts) are quite ready for what it has in store for us is another matter entirely.

Still, the Displace TV is coming: reservations will be available on the Displace website from 5th January, with shipping expected by late 2023. Now we just have to look forward to playing with one at CES. Oh, and seeing how much it will cost of course.


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  • Friesiansam
    I can't be the only one reading about this and wondering, what is wrong with good old reliable, safe and secure VESA wall mounting?

    Will the warranty cover the TV falling off the wall, or will they wriggle out of paying, by saying your wall was not suitable?