The new version of the PS5 runs hotter than the old one

Sony PlayStation 5: The new version of the PS5 runs hotter than the old one
(Image credit: Sony)

Last month it emerged that Sony had begun shipping a new, lighter version of the PS5. Now, a number of hands-on videos claim that the revised console runs 3-5°C hotter than the original.

The new PS5 doesn't offer any new features but it does have a smaller heatsink, which would seem to explain why it weighs around 300g less than the launch edition, is easier to manufacture and runs a tad hotter. 

In a teardown video entitled 'The new PS5 is Worse', YouTuber Evan Austin reveals the new machine's innards in fine detail. The original 1639g heatsink is gone, replaced by a 1368g model with fewer heat pipes (four rather than six) and less copper content.

To compensate for the smaller heatsink, Sony has made the PS5's fan blades longer and slightly curved, in an effort to draw warm air away from the heatsink with a little more efficiency. 

The result, according to Austin Evans, is that the fan noise from the original PS5 measures 43.5dB, while the newer model is slightly quieter at 42.1dB. You'll likely struggle to hear the difference unless you have bat ears.

So, should you be worried about your console running hot? 

No. Although the new PS5 has been clocked at a toasty 55°C, that's nothing out of the ordinary. As VentureBeat has previously pointed out, Microsoft's Xbox Series X hit temperatures of over 60°C when playing Hitman 2.

The lighter, warmer PS5 is on sale now in the UK and Australia. If you want to check which one you have, the old PS5 serial model numbers are: CF1016A (disc) and CFI-1015B (digital). The new PS5 numbers are: CFI-1116A (disc) and CFI-1100B (digital). 

Sony is also rumoured to be working on a fully redesigned PS5 to launch next year, which could be called the PS5 Pro. This is said to feature a semi-customised chip made by AMD which should – hopefully – put an end to the ongoing shortage once and for all.


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