TEAC adds Bluetooth capability to its turntables

Specificially, it uses higher quality aptX and AAC codecs, for streaming records to a compatible Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

It comes with a AT-95E moving magnet cartridge, and there's a built-in phono EQ amplifier for connecting the deck to hi-fi amplifiers and audio systems that don't have a phono input.

A new subsonic filter prevents warped records from generating uncontrolled, low quality bass.

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Able to play at 33, 48 and 78prm on a die-cast aluminium platter, the TN-400BT also has a new low-resistence spindle to keep rotational speeds stable.

You can record your records onto your computer as well - the player has a 16-bit/48kHz USB digital output.

The TN-400BT comes in red, white, silver, brown and walnut finishes, and is priced at £400.

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