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Star Wars fans can now watch The Mandalorian on Disney Plus in the UK

Breaking news: UK fans can access Disney Plus streaming service right now!
(Image credit: disney)

The hotly-anticipated Disney Plus (Disney+) streaming service doesn't officially launch in the UK until 24th March. But guess what, our pals over at TechRadar have discovered a neat workaround that gets you through the door right now. 

That's particularly exciting news for UK-based Star Wars fans, as it means they can stream all eight episodes of The Mandalorian in one go now rather than waiting for a new episode each week. 

So, how can UK-based streaming fans get access to Disney Plus early? If you take Disney+ up on its pre-launch discount deal (an annual subscription for £49.99) you not only save £10 but also use a VPN (below) to log in and stream everything in the Disney+ US library – including The Mandalorian.

Aside from the popular Star Wars spin-off, which follows a lone gunfighter after the fall of the Empire, Disney Plus serves up a ton of TV and movies from Pixar and Marvel, alongside classic Disney cartoons, National Geographic shows and more.  

To re-cap, by using a VPN to change your IP address – we find ExpressVPN to be very reliable – UK-based Disney Plus subscribers can get up and running early. Tempted to take the plunge? Here's everything you need to know about Disney Plus.


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  • simonali
    Surely this implies that your yearly sub starts the day you sign up? That means you're only really getting 11 months for yer 50 quid unless you fork out for a VPN on top?!