Spotify Premium customers are getting separate play and shuffle buttons

Spotify Premium customers are getting separate play and shuffle buttons
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Spotify Premium customers will soon have more control over how they listen. The streaming service is rolling out separate play and shuffle buttons to its paying subscribers, the firm announced in a blog post.

At the moment, Spotify customers only have a combined play/shuffle button that appears at the top of playlists. Album tracks can be listened to in the correct order, but only after Adele complained last year that the feature was lacking.

But soon, Spotify Premium customers will see separate buttons for play and shuffle throughout the app, for both albums and playlists alike. The change will come to Spotify's iOS and Android apps "in the coming weeks".

Non-paying customers will have to keep enduring tracks on shuffle (and of course the ads that play in between).

This feature seems long overdue – it seems crazy that only recently were paying customers finally able to listen to album tracks in the order that the artist intended. But then "long overdue" has been Spotify's modus operandi of late – its lossless HiFi tier still shows no sign of appearing 18 months after being announced. Ho-hum...


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