Ever listened to music on your headphones and wished you could shoot some sharp visual content at the same time? Let us introduce you to Soundsight – the developer of the "world's first" video recording smart headphones.

According to the US firm, the new cans provide "an entirely new way to create visual content, share music and develop soundtracks" from your perspective on life and using the Soundsight app – available for both Android and iOS.

A limited run of pairs have already been made available to purchase for $349 (£207), with plans to launch the product officially in spring 2015 at a cost of $499 (£296). 

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Designed by Stephen Chase with WoodenShark and Idem Finland Oy, Soundsight Headphones incorporate patent-pending video recording and audio technology; hi-fi studio sound with noise cancellation; and USB audio output.

The headphone can record in up to 1080 high-definition resolution, while Clip&Mix will let you pair music with video content through the app. There's also ColorTune, which matches video colours to music notes with one touch.

Meanwhile, Soundsight Headphones boast Bluetooth stream casting – 640p at 24fps; a 800mAh battery; and a metal 0.25in stereo plug to 3.5mm jack adaptor, along with a 3.5mm detachable coiled cable and a 3.5mm detachable straight cable.

OneRepublic's Eddie Fisher said: "Capturing and mixing my unique point of view mixed with music set to my life, studio quality sound and video recording are just a few of the reasons SOUNDSIGHT would be a great asset to me while on tour."

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gbuilder's picture

So they're for spying right?

I guess these would be very useful for voyeuristic recording. Really creepy to think people could be walking around filming when you think they're just listening to music and can't even hear you Sad

gozitan5 .'s picture

Yes...Spying, Voyeurism

I agree with gbiulder ......creepy nonsense.