Sony reveals pricing for PS5 Pulse 3D wireless gaming headphones

PS5's Pulse 3D noise-cancelling gaming headphones cost $99
(Image credit: PlayStation)

Following Wednesday's big Sony PS5 price reveal, we now have pricing for the dedicated PlayStation accessories that will go on sale with the new consoles. Two PS5 peripherals have been on our radar since the consoles first appeared back in June – the Pulse 3D wireless gaming headset and the new media remote.

If you want to experience 3D audio on the new PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition, you'll need to invest in a pair of Pulse 3D headphones. And we now know they'll set you back $99/€99 (UK pricing is still to be confirmed). That doesn't appear a bad price on paper, given the Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset for the current PS4 costs over £100/$130.

Sony reveals pricing for PS5 Pulse 3D wireless gaming headphones

(Image credit: PlayStation)

Given the PS5 will also double as a 4K video streamer, you might want to ditch the DualSense Wireless Controller for the PS5's dedicated Media Remote. This white wand costs €29/$29. All of its features and functionality are yet to be revealed, but hopefully, it will make short work of navigating menus for the likes of Netflix, Amazon Video et al.

Prices for the rest of the official PS5 accessories are as follows:

DualSense Wireless Controller – €69/$69

DualSense Charging Station – €29/$29

HD Camera (with dual 1080p lenses) – €59/$59


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