Sony announces Ultra HD 4K streaming collaboration with Netflix

The hot news out of CES 2014 is that Sony and Netflix are working together to bring Ultra HD 4K streaming into the home.

The two tech giants are looking to provide a streaming solution so you can enjoy shows such as Breaking Bad and series two of House Of Cards in Ultra HD 4K, during the first half of 2014.

At Sony's CES press conference, Netflix discussed how Sony was using the new HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) coding to help create a more efficient streaming solution with Ultra HD 4K content.

Theoretically, HEVC allows 4K content to be streamed without the need for ridiculously fast broadband, although Netflix CEO Reed Hastings did state you'd need around 15Mbps minimum for a stable Ultra HD 4K stream, either through ethernet or over wi-fi. The proof of the pudding will be in the streaming...

There's no word on pricing, when the UK will be ale to take advantage of this new partnership, or whether it's going to be exclusive to Sony. We've asked the questions and we'll be updating this story as we receive more news.

Sony also announced it will be launching Video Unlimited 4K, an Ultra HD arm of its video download service which it claims will offer more than 140 movies in 4K. Again, exact launch dates and pricing are still tbc.

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Written by Andy Madden

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