Sonos Era 300 and 100 images and prices leak: Bluetooth comes to Sonos home speakers

Sonos Era 300 and Sonos Era 100 speakers
(Image credit: Sonos / The Verge)

We've previously brought you rumours of Sonos's next speakers, but now we have official-looking images and rumoured prices to go with the conjecture and hearsay.

Pictured above is the Sonos Era 300. Its unusual shape is intended to showcase spatial audio and Dolby Atmos, with six drivers projecting sound forward, left, right, and up. It will reportedly be priced around $450 (about £370, AU$650).

This info comes from The Verge, which has spoken to several people familiar with Sonos' plans.

That price would make it less expensive than the flagship Sonos Five, which suggests the Five will remain as part of Sonos' offering, but more expensive than Apple's spatial audio smart speaker, HomePod 2 (£299 / $299 / AU$479).

The Sonos Era 100 will reportedly be a smaller, less powerful proposition, with a mooted price of $250 (about £200, AU$360). That could see it take the place of the existing Sonos One ($219 / £199 / AU$319) 

Both speakers are said to launch at the end of March, and will offer features not seen in previous Sonos home speakers.

Sonos Era 300 and Sonos Era 100 speakers

(Image credit: Sonos / The Verge)

Bluetooth will reportedly come as standard, letting you play audio wirelessly on the speaker from your mobile device or computer. Previously, Bluetooth has only been seen on Sonos' portable speakers the Move and Roam.

And both the Era 300 and 100 will have USB-C line-in, meaning you can physically connect external music sources like a turntable to both speakers. You can see this in action in the image of the Sonos Era 100 above.

These additions will make the new devices more versatile, and provide some differentiation from the smart speakers offered by Apple and Google, which lack physical ports. 

As well as being used for music, the Era 300 and 100 can pair with the Sonos Arc or Beam Gen 2 soundbars to work as part of a home cinema system.

While the Era 300 is built to showcase spatial audio, Sonos is reportedly yet to ink an agreement to allow Apple Music Spatial Audio tracks on the device (this could change by the time the speaker launches). But according to The Verge, it will be set up to handle spatial audio tracks from Amazon Music Unlimited.

The Era 100 reportedly won't work with spatial audio tracks and doesn't have upwards-firing drivers. It'll effectively be a more powerful Sonos One, with a new second tweeter for true stereo sound and a bigger mid-woofer for greater bass.

Both speakers are also said to support Trueplay tuning on Android phones, but with the speakers themselves performing the room analysis in order to optimise the sound (on iOS, the phone handles this part).

None of this is confirmed yet, though the marketing materials in The Verge's report do look legit. We'll bring you official word as soon as we get it.


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  • Alizaa2
    The leaked images and information about the upcoming Sonos Era 300 and 100 speakers have certainly piqued my interest. Sonos has a reputation for producing high-quality audio products that seamlessly integrate into the modern home, and the introduction of Bluetooth capabilities to their line of home speakers is an exciting development.

    One of the notable aspects of Sonos speakers has been their Wi-Fi connectivity, which allowed for easy multi-room audio setups and direct integration with various streaming services. With the inclusion of Bluetooth, it appears that Sonos is catering to users who may prefer a more straightforward and universal approach to connecting their devices. This is a smart move on their part as it opens up their ecosystem to a broader audience, especially those who might not have been keen on investing in a whole Sonos Wi-Fi setup.

    The design of the Sonos Era 300 and 100, although not fully revealed in the leaked images, is expected to follow Sonos' tradition of minimalistic and elegant aesthetics. This approach has been a defining characteristic of their products, making them a seamless fit into various home decor styles. The leaked prices, while rough estimates, also seem to be in line with the premium pricing that Sonos usually commands. However, the exact features and performance of these speakers will ultimately determine their value for money.

    What remains to be seen is how well Sonos has integrated Bluetooth into their ecosystem. Will these speakers be as versatile and user-friendly as their Wi-Fi counterparts, or will there be any compromises in audio quality or functionality? Sonos has a history of providing great sound quality and a user-friendly experience, so I'm optimistic about their ability to deliver on this front.

    In conclusion, the leaked information about the Sonos Era 300 and 100 speakers is generating considerable anticipation among audio enthusiasts and tech aficionados. Sonos has consistently pushed the envelope in terms of audio innovation, and the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity is a strategic move to expand their market reach. I'm looking forward to the official release cursed sundrop images and detailed specifications to see how these speakers stack up and whether they'll be the next must-have addition to the Sonos ecosystem.