Sonos and IKEA collaborate to create ‘future home sound experiences’

In 2019, IKEA, with the help of Sonos, is promising to launch a ‘range’ of products dedicated to integrating music into the home – although your guess as to what that may mean is as good as ours.

A Sonos speaker-equipped cabinet? Or perhaps a Sonos lamp? We’ve asked Sonos for further details, but in the meantime we can hope that whatever the product, it won't come flat-packed and with a 24-page instruction manual.

What we do know is that the range will, according to the Swedish furniture retailer, “strive to make it even easier for people to play any song, anywhere in the home, without interrupting the flow of daily life”.

“When we asked people what sound they associate with their homes many people mentioned that it is music that makes a home,” says Björn Block, business leader of IKEA Home Smart.

The ultimate Smart Home? Maybe...

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