Some Samsung 2023 TV pricing has been revealed, and it’s good news for QD-OLED fans

Samsung S95C QD-OLED TV
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While most of the UK details of Samsung's new 2023 TV range are yet to be announced, the company’s US and EU divisions have already announced most of the new models and the pricing to go with many of them.

Arguably the biggest news is that the new range includes the cheapest QD-OLED yet, at least in terms of launch price. Said QD-OLED is the S90C, which will launch in Europe at a price of €2000 – that's €200 less than the S95B was at launch.

Translated directly, using current conversion rates, €2000 equates to around £1760 / $2125 / AU$3115. We don’t expect the EU price to translate exactly in that way, but there’s every reason to believe that the S90C will be cheaper globally than the S95B was at launch.

This year there are two QD-OLED models, with the S90C being the more entry-level one. The S95C, which sits above it, has a more advanced sound system, an external One Connect box for its inputs and outputs, a uniformly thin design, and a slightly higher peak brightness. It will cost €2500 (around £2200 / $2655 / AU$3885).

8K and 4K Mini LED QLED models

Of course, QD-OLED forms just part of Samsung’s range, and a full complement of Mini LED-backlit QLED models (“Neo QLEDs” in Samsung parlance), has also been announced, along with a fair amount of US pricing.

The 8K QN900C and QN800C lead the way here and will start at $5000 (around £4150 / AU$7320) and $3500 (£2900 / AU$5125) respectively. The UK and Europe are also expected to get an entry-level QN700C 8K model, but this is unlikely to get released in the US. All three 8K models have One Connect boxes.

Now the 4K Neo QLED models. These include the QN95C, which will start at $3300 (around £2740 / AU$4840) for a 65-inch model, the QN90C (from $1200 / around £1000 / AU$1760 for a 50-inch model), and the QN85C (from $1500 / around £1245 / AU$2200). Interestingly, none of these models features a One Connect box.

Below these, there will be a number of QLED models with standard LED backlights, but we don’t yet have any pricing information on these.

We’re in the process of digging up more information, including specs, on the whole range, and will update our Samsung 2023 TV lineup page with all of the details as we get them.


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