SME announces limited-edition Model 10A Black Edition turntable

SME has announced the launch of a limited-quantity Model 10A Black Edition (£6,196), made exclusively for the UK and with 30 units available. 

Based on the brand’s long-standing (eight-year-old) Model 10A, the new deck pairs the familiar SME M10 tonearm with all-back aesthetics, as well as Ortofon’s Cadenza Black moving coil cartridge - marking the first time the deck has been packaged with a cartridge.

The 10-inch tonearm (derived from SME’s 309 deck) includes a magnesium detachable head-shell for quick cartridge interchange, while the cartridge features a Nude Shibata stylus with a boron cantilever and utilises Ortofon’s WRD (wide range damping-system).

SME claims a ‘vibration-less’ motor with its 2.5 kg weight and isolation on urethane mounts, and has worked to further dampen the unit from its platter to its trilateral sub-chassis, which is based on three polymer-loaded towers for optimal isolation without floating. Lastly, the fine pitch speed adjustment allows increments/decrements of +/-0.01% of the selected speed (which ranges 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm), 

Each of the 30 available Model 10A Black Editions will feature a laser-etched manufacturers data plate with a unique serial number (1-30), and come with a certificate with the name and signature of the technician who has assembled it.

The SME 10A Black Edition has an SRP of £6,196 and is only available in the UK on a first come, first served basis - so get your order in!


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