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Save 46% on award-winning Shure in-ear headphones

Shure headphones deal: save big on award-winning SE425 in-ears
(Image credit: Shure)

Avid readers of this publication need no introduction when it comes to the Shure SE425 headphones. After all, these are multi-What Hi-Fi?-Award winners. For the uninitiated, though, a quote from our review of the Shure SE425 in-ear headphones should suffice: "Let’s not beat around the bush, eh? These are fantastic. Five stars. Next."

Need more? Oh, OK then: "Get some music going and it’s as if the Shures disappear, leaving you with just their sound. To say it’s immersive is an understatement. The level of finesse on offer is astonishing even at this price."

And that price just got significantly lower if you make your purchase at the online music store, Bax Music, while stocks last. While we'd previously seen these excellent in-ears reduced to around £200, we've never seen a Shure deal quite like this.

We'll curtail our praise, but only because time is of the essence. At time of writing there are just 28 of these Shure in-ears left in stock. So, if you've been pining after a pair, make your move. 

Still a little rich for your blood? That's okay, because also on Bax Music is a sweet deal on the more affordable Shure SE215 in-ears, a competent set of four-star earbuds. "Those after a bassy flavour or a pair of affordable but hard-wearing onstage monitors will find much to love here," states our review.

Whichever pair of Shures you opt to buy, congratulations: you just significantly levelled up your daily exercise game, your home working game, or your standing in the queue to buy groceries game.


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  • Terry Webb
    I'd like to buy a pair of SE425 but because the cord runs up your back when your wearing them puts me off as I would to use these in a sitting position.