Cambridge Audio is going upmarket with its new stereo pre/power amp combo, the £750 Azur 840E preamp (above) and £1000 840W power amp.

Both can be seen in the Cambridge Audio room (second floor, Mouton Cadet) here at the show, along with the brand-new 540D V2 HDMI DVD player (£250), which has a revised chipset and video upscaling to 720p/1080i.

The company describes the 840E as "a high-end preamplifier" which uses proprietary Terrapin modules for "unprecedented audio fidelity".

The 840W power amp (below) uses an evolution of Cambridge Audio's Class XD (crossover displacement) technology for "a highly detailed, naturally musical performance".

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It delivers a claimed 200W @ 8ohms or 500W @ 8ohms if used in bridged mono configuration.

The XD technology gives Pure Class A operation at low levels, moving smoothly into an enhanced version of Class B at higher levels, says Cambridge Audio.

Other technical highlights include:

  • Oversized low-flux toroidal transformer with 1200VA power rating
  • Switchable RCA and balanced XLR connections
  • Cambridge Audio proprietary CAP5 protection system
  • Solid 7mm aluminium front panel

Both the 840E and 840W will be available early next year in silver or black. The 540D V2 DVD player (below) is available now.

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