Sennheiser launches three new pairs of sub-£100 in-ear headphones

Sennheiser MX 95

Sennheiser has a range of cans for every occasion, and now there are three more pairs of in-ears for your delectation.

All weighing in under £100, the three sets of 'phones are all part of the Style II range, and certainly look the part.

All feature a metal/composite hybrid construction, powerful neodymium-iron magnets and smart cases and accessories.

The Sennheiser CX 550 Style II are set to retail for around £80, boasting noise-isolation, unique design and two types of ear adapters available in five sizes.

Next are the OMX 95 VC Style II 'phones with a clip-on, over-ear design that's easily adjustable for people who don't like the obtrusiveness of in-ears. Yours for £60.

Last in line are the £40 MX 95 VC Style II earphone (pictured), this time with a 'twist to fit' design. These have a small stopper that sits in the outer ear to keep the actual earphone in place.

We'll look to bring you reviews of the new earphones just as soon as we lay our, well, ears on them.