The FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player now delivers content from Netflix, YouTube, vTuner and more

It's fair to say that adding extra functionality and content to network-enabled kit is a real trend for 2010.

The latest example comes from Seagate, a manufacturer of externall hard drives and media streamers.

The company's FreeAgent Theater+ media player can now access sites such as Netflix thanks to a new, automated firmware update.

Connect to your home network via ethernet or with a wireless adaptor to complete the update and then access extra content.

Netflix allows you to stream TV shows and movies via an internet-connected device, and the service relaunched in the UK earlier this year.

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The media player is also now UPnP/DLNA complian allowing you to share content with any other DLNA-enabled device over your home network.

The Seagate Freeagent Theater+ media player is on sale now for around £190.

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