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Russ Andrews MiniZap connectors promise to upgrade your audio

Russ Andrews Inline RCA MiniZap

The relative merits of cables are always a contentious subject, so we're sure the latest audio accessory from Russ Andrews will prove divisive. But we're happy to stand behind the benefits of decent cables, so we're intrigued by these new MiniZap connectors.

The Russ Andrews Inline RCA MiniZap - good name - promise to upgrade your system's sound by reducing noise. Unassuming looking connectors, they slot in between your interconnects and your equipment, and promise to absorb "very high frequency noise". 

Designed by renowned British audio designer, Ben Duncan, they were previously only available as an option for Russ Andrews Kimber interconnects, but are now available as an inline WBT plug and socket - and promise an upgrade to analogue and digital cables.

Peter Bevir, head of product development at Russ Andrews, said: "We’ve tested many different brands of interconnects with the addition of the Inline MiniZaps and every time the resulting improvement in audio quality has been clearly obvious, making this a really useful and simple upgrade for all hi-fi systems."

If you want to test it out for yourself, you can take Russ Andrews up on the offer of a 60-day home trial complete with a money-back guarantee. If you're convinced, the Inline RCA MiniZaps will set you back £210.