Russ Andrews SuperKord Reference-SD II
Sawyers Disc technology gives enhanced RFI reducing performance on SuperKord cables, says Russ Andrews

Here's one to get our Forumites hot under the collar: a pair of new SuperKord mains cables from Russ Andrews, selling for £950 and £1250 a piece.

The SuperKord Reference-SD II and SuperKord Signature-SD II both use improved Sawyers Disc technology to enhance the RFI (radio frequency interference) reducing properties of the woven cable. Less RFI means the user benefits from more information being revealed on CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, claims the company.

Sawyers Discs were invented by Dr Craig Sawyers and Ben Duncan and first introduced on Russ Andrews' SuperKord Classic-SD mains cable (now upgraded to Classic-SD II status).

It's a new method of terminating each conductor at the plugs, using a series of perforated discs, said to give "smoother and more even [interference] rejection across a wider range of frequencies, which is also many times deeper and clearly measurable'.

Russ Andrews says the Reference-SD II and Signature-SD II use Kimber Kable's woven cable technology, with 16 hyper-pure copper conductors in the Reference model and 24 conductors in the Signature product.

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They also benefit from a new proprietary earth enhancement, helping to attenuate earth wire RFI.

You can buy the SuperKord Reference-SD II for £950 (1m) and the SuperKord Sgnature-SD II for £1250 (1m).

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