Rega has upgraded its five-time Product of the Year turntable to be “completely new for 2016”.

Rega has been developing the new model for the last two years and it’s on display at this weekend's Bristol Sound and Vision Show.

Upgrades include a new RB330 tonearm, which Rega says benefits from a wealth of new features, plus new cabling and Neutrik plugs.

It has also improved horizontal and vertical bearings and comes with a newly-designed, milled-steel balance weight. We’re starting to agree with the “completely new for 2016” statement. 

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The list of upgrades doesn’t end there. The new Planar 3 has a stiffer plinth, a repositioned power switch for a more ergonomic look, and a fresh high-gloss acrylic laminated finish (which will be available at launch in black or white).

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In addition, Rega has redesigned the brass central bearing housing and the sub platter is now stiffer in an effort to provide improved accuracy. Even the feet have had a makeover and are now said to offer a more stable base in order to reduce vibration.

The price and release date remain elusive for now, but we’re hunting for more information as we type. 

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The grocer's apostrophe lives

The grocer's apostrophe lives!

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Nice to see. I wonder where it is going to fit in to Regas current pricing structure.

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I'd guess about £900 (with

I'd guess about £900 (with fitted cart) and the re-launch of the P2 (with RB202 arm) to fill the void between RP1 and new P3.



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Soooooooooooooooooooo.... the

Soooooooooooooooooooo.... the RP3, then?

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New Rega P3 pricing

At the Bristol Show yesterday, the quoted price was £550 (no cartridge) or £625 with an Elys 2.