Updated figures reveal Record Store Day 2015 saw overall sales up 742%, and vinyl sales up over 2,186%, compared to the previous Saturday.

While overall sales, including CDs and casette tapes, saw a huge leap, it was vinyl that delivered the biggest boost in week-on-week sales figures. 

A more realistic year-on-year comparison, for what has become a huge shopping day for independent record stores, revealed overall Record Store Day sales up 39% in 2015 compared to 2014, helped by 45% growth in vinyl sales. 

Album sales were up 516% compared to the previous Saturday, while single sales increased by a whopping 32,072% at independent record stores on Record Store Day in comparison to the previous Saturday.

The figures come from US analytics company, BuzzAngle Music, who also reported the top 100 Record Store Day best-sellers. And there were a few surprises.

The White Stripes' Get Behind Me Satan was number one, perhaps no surprise given frontman Jack White's enthusiasm for vinyl, but the number two spot was taken by a tape cassette - Metallica's No Life Til Leather release.

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The Metallica tape was the only non-vinyl release in the Top 50. 

The Record Store Day 2015 top 10 chart was as follows:

  1. Get Behind Me Satan - The White Stripes - Third Man Records
  2. No Life Til Leather - Metallica - Blackened
  3. Bust No Moves - Run The Jewels - Mass Appeal
  4. Changes - David Bowie - Rhino
  5. Meet Me In The City - The Black Keys - Fat Possum
  6. I Love You, Honeybear - Father John Misty - Sub Pop
  7. Touch Me I'm Dick - Citizen Dick - Legacy
  8. Alex Chilton - The Replacements - Rhino
  9. Untethered Moon - Built to Spill - Warner Bros.
  10. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker - Ramones & Husker Du - Rhino

Also in the top 20 were Record Store Day releases from Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters and Ryan Adams.

Vinyl sales hit a 20-year-high in 2014, while sales in 2015 are already well up year-on-year, suggesting the vinyl resurgence is more than a fashion-led flash in the pan.

You can see the full Record Store Day top 50 on the BuzzAngle Music website

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or, as reported by The Daily

or, as reported by The Daily Mash... 

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"Middle-age male journalists". That's misleading. It's among the youth the increase of interest in vinyl is most observable. Beside the preference (and maybe romance) for analog the impact of the art of the vinyl-cover is not to be underestimated. Must be like a blow-up effect for them who wasn't around back then. Me, middle-age male, is today totaly in to CD:s.