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Save over £750 on a five-star Monitor Audio speaker package in the Black Friday sales

Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12
(Image credit: Future)

Five-star review? Check. Coveted award from this very publication? Emphatically yes, the Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12 stalked off with our 2020 Award for the best speaker package over £2000 – only, at that time its asking price was £2875.

Since then, we've seen the price rise to £3450, which is why we're drawing your attention to an excellent Black Friday saving offered by Peter Tyson, where the entire 5.1 package is available for just £2099 (opens in new tab) – a whopping £1351 saving on some listings. It's also a £776 saving on the 2020 'tested at' price, or a £770 saving on Peter Tyson's most recent pricing. 

Even the lowest figure represents a huge (and rarely seen at the level) 27 per cent saving...

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Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12 £2869 £2099 at Peter Tyson (opens in new tab)
This deal applies to the black, oak, rosewood, walnut and white finishes (so all except black gloss) and comprises the excellent Silver 200 (opens in new tab) floorstanding speakers, Silver C150 Centre, Silver FX surround speakers and Silver W-12 Subwoofer – aka the exact configuration we tested and promptly rewarded with a 2020 Award. A rare discount on an excellent 5.1 speaker package. 

Peter Tyson is even giving buyers the option of upgrading to the Silver C350 centre for an extra £200 if desired – although unless you have a much larger hi-fi and home cinema room, we don't think you'll need it.

Readers who cast their eye over our review of the Monitor Audio Silver 200 floorstanders will find our glowing praise for this Silver 200 AV12 proposition unsurprising.

Despite the 200 appearing in the title of this package, the floorstanders’ stage is shared with three equally talented protagonists – the Silver C150 centre speaker, Silver FX surround speakers and Silver W-12 subwoofer.

The whole range has been designed for what Monitor Audio describes as ‘modern living’ which means not only more diminutive chassis, but also that the company’s engineers have worked hard to tune the speakers to ensure minimal variance in performance, regardless of positioning.

During our testing of the Silver 200s, we found it rung impressively true, too. They thrive most when placed around 50cm from our back wall, but with only marginal discrepancies when almost flush to it, or out in the room.

Allow all of these speakers to run in properly and you'll reap the rewards. As we said in our review, "Rarely are we so fully behind a speaker package for its work both in stereo and in surround sound, but with these Monitor Audio Silvers you truly are achieving both for the price of one."

And our admiration failed to dwindle when we shifted to DVDs. Even through an AV amp, there's the same musical quality and sense of energy that will make it difficult to choose whether to watch a film or put on a record.

If you've been considering a surround-sound system for Black Friday, this is one of those deals we might once have said were as rare as hen's teeth – and we resist the temptation to say it now only because scientists have since managed to breed a hen with teeth.


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