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More known for its hi-fi electronics and loudspeakers, it appears Quad is about to branch out with its first pair of headphones...

Details are thin on the ground, but if you head over to Quad's Facebook page, you can see a trailer for a pair of headphones called ERA-1.

Looking at the images and captions, they appear to be a pair of over-ear headphones that use planar magnetic technology. Quad claims they're "similar in performance to the world famous ESL loudspeakers". The ESL's use electrostatic technology which is different to the planar magnetic tech found in the ERA-1s but it's a bold claim, nonetheless.

Quad also claims the low-impedance and high-sensitivity design of the ERA1s will allow them to be partnered with a wide range of components, from portable music players to headphone amplifiers.

The headphones come with both soft leather and fleece-layered earpads, a detachable cable and "luxury" carry case.

But how much will they cost? Pricing is still to be confirmed, but we're expecting all will become clearer around the time of the Munich High End Show which kicks off on 11th May.

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