Pure launches RSS reader app on Sensia internet radio

Pure Sensia

Users also get slideshow support for FM radio stations (where supplied by the broadcaster) and enhanced performance overall.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated information – such as blog entries and news headlines – in a standardised format.

The new RSS feeder app allows the user to view RSS feeds from their favourite websites on the Sensia. Recommended feeds cover news, finance, sport, arts, entertainment and tech news, and will include the likes of BBC News, The Guardian and ESPN.

The software release also adds extra features to the Facebook app on Sensia, including most recent news feeds, the ability to view photos and to tag status posts with 'like' and 'unlike'.

As for the weather app, up to six locations can now be added and forecasts for up to five consecutive days and nights are now available.

Finally, slideshow support for FM RDS stations allows users to view visual content such as competitions, album artwork or photos on the Sensia's screen when listening to an FM radio station.

If you own a Pure Sensia, the latest software update is available now as a free software download. For more information, visit the Pure website.

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