Pro-Ject has turned its VT-E vertical turntable concept into a wall-mountable reality with the innovative deck due to go on sale this month.

Pro-Ject's VT-E created quite a stir when it was unveiled as a concept back at CES 2016, but it's only now been officially launched as a bona fide product that you can go out and actually buy.

And, it's sure to be a talking point should you decide to pay £229 and slip one into your own hi-fi system.

It's a plug 'n play design, available in left- and right-handed versions and can be positioned upright on a desk using the supplied back support, or wall-mounted using the brackets that come in the box.

The turntable features manual speed change (33 and 45rpm) and a pre-set counterweight for Ortofon OM cartridges. There's no need to add your own though, as it comes with an aluminium tonearm and Ortofon OM5e cartridge fitted as standard.

Just in case you were worried about your vinyl flying off and rolling out through your front door, the VT-E comes with its own record clamp to your records secure.

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Pro-Ject also plans to introduce a Bluetooth version, the VT-E BT, which comes with its own phono preamp and Bluetooth transmitter, although this is earmarked for launch later in the year.

The Pro-Ject VT-E is available in three different finishes: white, red and black. Until the end of June it will only be available through select retailers, but from July onwards the turntable will be sold through Pro-Ject's entire authorised dealer network.

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Al ears's picture


Just how do you set the tracking force????

Without a parallel tracking tonearm how is that going to move across the LP?

This has to be a joke.

Tell me it is......

chebby's picture

You've obviously never seen a

You've obviously never seen a Dual CS505 (with clamp) playing upside down!

Anyway look at this video from around 5:40 onwards ...

AudioLlama's picture


The tonearm has a spring undearneath it to apply a degree of pressure. The counterweight is still adjustable if you were to change the cartridge.

I've a video on it

Alan1572's picture

Tracking force? It's hardly

Tracking force? It's hardly audiophile is it?

Benedict_Arnold's picture

Welcome to 1983.

Welcome to 1983.

Alan1572's picture

Old tech

30 years ago I had a sharp(I know) verticle turntable that played both sides of the record without removing the record. The cartridge just went around the record to play the reverse

sansui au719's picture

Ironic really

It's ironic that accusations of being out of date are levelled at a particular type of turntable. They're all old tech. Some us of are just fond of the sound. Some of us find the magic in vinyl, others in the particular qualities of vintage amps (I'm guilty). The vertical turntable seems like the next illogical step down the well trodden path of audio notstalgia. It looks great.

Lee DeVilbiss's picture

This just makes me laugh

This just makes me laugh whatever next,  the resurgence of the VCR, so much more nostalgic than that Bluray or suhd digital near perfect quality rubbish!

It seems as technology improves there will always be a minority that want to go back to 'the good old days'.

Saying that wasn't 4:3 tv great. 

JohnSmith's picture

Electronics. Bah!

I only listen to acoustic music recorded through a whopping great horn onto a wax cylinder.