If your vinyl isn't sounding as sweet as it should, it could be because of dust, crumbs and any other titbits clogging up the grooves on your records. Pro-Ject claims its new VC-S wet cleaning machine offers a quick and effective solution...

The VC-S comes with a newly developed 'Wash it" cleaning fluid which claims to not only offer good cleaning results, but dries quickly to leave no residue.

To clean records using the machine, the record needs to be spun on the support clamp, which keeps it away from the main platter of the machine. When spinning cleaning fluid can be applied and evened out on the surface with the supplied brush. 

The attached vacuum arm then sucks up the cleaning fluid and impurities, leaving you with a clean record.

The used cleaning fluid can be emptied from the tank by inserting the supplied spout, and Pro-Ject says you’ll need to clean roughly 1000 records before the tank is full.

For cleaning 78 rpm shellacs, an optional ‘Wash it 78’ cleaning fluid is available. The VC-S vinyl cleaner is available now for £299, with accessories and cleaning fluids ranging from £15 to £40.

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grimreaper46's picture

Good value

Don't see why it wouldn't work as well as an Okki Nokki or the like. So at £299 it looks like very good value. RCM's are vital to keep your vinyl collection up to "scratch".