Pro-Ject salutes its past with a special Perspective Final Edition turntable

Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition
(Image credit: Pro-Ject)

Pro-Ject has taken a whole new perspective with its latest record player, reinventing a deck it released in 1999 with modern components and engineering techniques. The new Perspective Final Edition is a fresh take on the ‘6.9 Perspective’ turntable that launched the Austrian company into the high-end space, following the commercial success of its budget-friendly 1 and 2 spinners in the early '90s. We called that old Perspective “phenomenal value" for its then-£1000 price (roughly £2000 in today’s money) and it ranks amongst the 12 best Pro-Ject turntables of all time in our eyes – and not just because of its transparent base either (pictured below).

Pro-Ject Perspective

The original Pro-Ject Perspective from 1999 was a five-star performer (Image credit: Future)

The new Perspective will be looking to repeat that success at its £1299 asking price (US and Australia pricing to follow), though it is a limited-edition model of 400 pieces and will retail exclusively at Sevenoaks Sound and Vision in the UK. 

If you were wondering what the ‘Final Edition’ naming was all about, that refers to an all-new line of Pro-Ject turntables that “pays homage to its illustrious past”, of which this Perspective is the first. ‘Final Edition releases are just that, final, signalling the touchdown of a model’s manufacturing arc’, notes the official press release.

While the Pro-Ject 1 and 2’s build centred on rigidity with a solid plinth and heavy platter, the old Perspective was born out of the isolated principle, with a tonearm and platter on a sub-chassis spring isolated from the main chassis. The new Perspective Final Edition uses its forebear’s design blueprint – including that transparent base, of course – but furthers its stability, featuring a decoupled sub-chassis and three adjustable springs to prevent unwanted vibrations from transferring to the needle. It also rests on height-adjustable aluminium spikes for further isolation.

Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition

(Image credit: Pro-Ject)

Another advancement is the inclusion of an electronic speed-switch-controlled two-speed motor, replacing the multi-motor solution that allowed vinyl to spin at different tempos if the owner so wished. Naturally, there is a new cartridge at the end of the nine-inch, carbon-fibre tonearm, namely the Ortofon 2M Bronze (which itself has a retail value of £365).

A dust cover and personalised certificate of ownership complete the package, which goes on sale this month. A serial-numbered plaque for their deck can be requested, too.


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