Polk Audio SDA
A SurroundBar Instant Theatre system, wireless subwoofer and new home cinema speakers are all on the way from Polk Audio

Polk Audio has launched a number of flexible and versatile products for 2009.

These include a new soundbar, a wireless subwoofer and wall-mountable speaker.

Wraps sound around the listenerThe SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theatre ($499, pictured) is fitted with four 2.5in composite bass-midrange drivers and two, 13mm polymer dome tweeters.

Low frequency grunt is provided by the accompanying wireless subwoofer. The sub uses a 6.5in, carbon-fibre downward-firing driver.

Instead of creating surround sound by bouncing effects off the walls of your room, the SurroundBar uses Polk Audio's SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array Technology) to wrap sound around the listener.

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A new wireless subwooferThe PSWi225 ($399) is a separate, downward-firing wireless subwoofer, powered by a 100W amplifier. Low frequencies are sent to the subwoofer from your multichannel amplifier using a 2.4GHz transmitter.

Finally, there's a new addition to the company's OWM Series of speakers. The OWM5s can be wall-mounted or stand mounted and has been designed to be used as the left, centre or right speaker in a surround system.

Each one uses two, 11cm mid/bass drivers and one, 1in silk-dome tweeter and comes with its own mounting bracket, and removable base. Each speaker costs $199.