PMC slots in some more serious floorstanders


Designed to offer an easy load for a wide range of amplifiers, the new speakers stand just over 108cm tall, sell for £5500 a pair and claim to work all the way down to 24Hz, thanks to the company's Advanced Transmission Line design.

The three-way speaker combines twin 16.5cm bass drivers , a 7.5cm midrange unit and a 27mm tweeter. The bass units are a new PMC model, using stiffened doped cones, and are of a long-throw design mounted in cast magnesium chassis.

The 7.5cm soft-dome midrange unit, familiar from other PMC designs, is mounted in its own acoustically inert enclosure, while the tweeter is a PMC/SEAS Solonex design, using a soft-dome diaphragm and the same slotted faceplate found in other i-series PMC speakers.

A 31-element crossover splits the drivers up at 380Hz and 3.8kHz, and the speaker is fitted with three pairs of terminals for triwiring or even triamping.

The speaker has 87dB/W/m sensitivity and 6ohm impedance, comes complete with stabilising plinth and spikes, and is available in a choice of real wood finishes: walnut, cherry, oak and black ash.