Called 'Cor', the Class A/B amp is intended to add no sonic character of its own. PMC has also avoided any digital connections - Cor is strictly analogue.

'Cor', at least according to PMC, means heart or soul. It's also an expression of surprise and delight, which was our reaction when the company announced its first consumer integrated amplifier at the Munich High End Show.

According to PMC, Cor "adds no sonic character of its own to the music." That's a bold claim.

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It has unbalanced RCA analogue inputs and a pair of balanced XLRs, plus a set of direct connections to a power amplifier. There are no digital connections whatsoever. Power-wise, Cor has a Class A/B design rated at 95 to 140 watts into four ohms.


PMC has also paid attention to the circuit design, striving to minimise interference and produce the best transparency. The company has also designed a custom-designed power transformer, made of 'MuMetal' that can apparently absorb 200 times more magnetic flux than steel.

On paper it looks very impressive, but will PMC's first integrated amp be a success? We look forward to reviewing it and finding out.

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Interesting they have design a new substance. Is Mu Metal another word for aluminium?

It's getting more like cosmetics adverts every day.....   Smile

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Nothing new to see here

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Surely this was made for Sid James; what a shame he's not around to enjoy it...