Platinum Series 3G are the first speakers with Monitor Audio's birthday tweeter

Platinum Series 3G are the first speakers with Monitor Audio's birthday tweeter
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It's Monitor Audio's 50th anniversary, and the birthday celebrations continue. The hi-fi company got the party started earlier in the year with the Silver 100 Limited Edition and prototype Concept 50 speakers seen at High End Munich, and now it's announced the range-topping Platinum Series 3G. Pass the cake.

The new speaker range comprises four models that can be configured as either a two-channel hi-fi or multi-channel home theatre system. These models are the Platinum 300 3G flagship floorstander, the Platinum 200 3G mid-sized floorstander, the Platinum 100 3G standmount and the Platinum 250 3G centre-channel. 

Every model in the family uses the third generation Micro Pleated Diaphragm (MPD III) high-frequency transducer that debuted in the Concept 50 prototype. This makes the Platinum Series 3G the first speakers you can buy that use this tweeter. 

Why is that a big deal? Because the MPD III claims to reduce distortion and flatten the frequency response, while also improving the soundstage and sensitivity, making for a clearer, more consistent sound – that's why. 

Each model also benefits from the RDT III (Rigid Diaphragm Technology) cone found on the midrange and bass drivers. This promises to be super light, yet super strong – it's made from three layers bonded together – to provide the lowest distortion of any Monitor Audio speaker ever made.

The midrange driver on the Platinum 200 3G and Platinum 300 3G models further promises to bring a smoother transition across the frequency range and a more consistent crossover with the MPD III tweeter. Other improvements? Monitor Audio’s Dynamic Coupling Filter (DCF) mechanism helps control cone breakup, it boasts larger and more powerful Neodymium magnets, a new motor system, an underhung edge-wound voice coil, and improved power handling. And the midrange should be clearer due to the midrange driver enclosures' ability to reduce internal standing waves.

Monitor Audio Platinum 200 3G

(Image credit: Monitor Audio)

The centre channel speaker promises to deliver when it comes to movie soundtracks. It's based on Monitor Audio's THX-certified Cinergy Theatre series, with high levels of power handling thanks to its large voice coil. The bass drivers also promise large power handling thanks to their large-diameter edge-wound underhung voice coils.

The crossovers now use elliptical filters to improve the time alignment of the drive units at the crossover points, which impacts the sound's directivity.

But it's not just the innards that have been redone. The all-new cabinets come in three finishes: Piano Ebony, Piano Black and Pure White Satin. And they don't just look great, they've been engineered to improve the sound – the curved front profile reduces diffraction, while tension rods secure the drivers to the cabinet, resulting in an inert and 'vibration-free' cabinet.

How much will all this innovation cost you? Quite a bit. The Platinum 300 3G cost  £11,500 / $15,500 (about AU$19,500) per pair, the Platinum 200 3G are £9000 / $12,000 (about AU$15,300) per pair, the Platinum 100 3G are £4500 / $6000 (about AU$7700) per pair and the Platinum C250 3G is £3500 / $5250 (about AU$6000). All will be available in January 2023.


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