Monitor Audio announces Cinergy range of home cinema speakers

Monitor Audio Cinergy Speakers
(Image credit: Monitor Audio)

Monitor Audio has unveiled a new range of THX-certified home cinema speakers called Cinergy, with a modular design to give installers the flexibility to construct a bespoke system in any given space.

Cinergy consists of three full-range speakers and a sub that can be placed in a traditional freestanding arrangement or built into a 'sound wall', hidden behind an acoustically transparent projector screen. All the full-range models feature rotatable mid-tweeter arrays for horizontal and vertical orientation as well as brackets and isolation accessories to help them slot together while minimising vibrations.

The largest speaker in the range is the Cinergy 300, with a three-way cross over and two 8-inch RDT drivers made from a composite sandwich structure featuring a honeycomb core material called Nomex. Light but strong, Monitor Audio says it's the company's lowest distortion cone technology. 

Monitor Audio Cinergy

(Image credit: Monitor Audio)

High frequencies are managed by an array of two high rigidity 2.5-inch C-CAM (Ceramic-coated Aluminium-Magnesium) mid-tweeters and an MPD transducer, which uses a low mass pleated diaphragm to produce frequencies up to a claimed 100kHz. Not only can the mid-tweeter array be flipped 90 degrees, but it can also swap position with the woofers to best suit the room. As well as in-wall and on-wall mounting options, the Cinergy 300 can also be used with an isolating plinth as a floor stander.

Meanwhile, the Cinergy 200 also has the same driver line-up but within a smaller 'centre-channel' style cabinet, and the bookshelf sized Cinergy 100 features one 8-inch RDT woofer, one 2.5-inch C-CAM driver and one MPD transducer.

The Cinergy Sub15 is a passive subwoofer half the height of the Cinergy 300 to facilitate neat stacking. Sold only in conjunction with the IA800-2C installation amplifier, the Sub15 has one 15-inch ultra-high excursion C-CAM driver and low-frequency extension down to 17 Hz.

Pricing for Cinergy is not yet available, but the range will be available from July.


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