8 stunning home cinema custom installs

Best home cinema installs
(Image credit: Pyramid AV)

Think your house couldn’t accommodate a luxurious home cinema? Think again. For Home Cinema Week, we've asked some of the best custom install companies in the country to share details of their most impressive domestic cinemas. Scroll through the gallery below for some stunning pictures and information on the top-specced home cinema equipment that lies within.

You won't find recreations of the Starship Enterprise here. This is a collection of understated beauty and some clever home cinema engineering to produce top performing mini-movie theatres to fit each precise location.

From transformed attics, basements and box rooms in houses (both old and modern), the plush good looks of these design marvels belie great feats of problem-solving. In the quest for the ultimate entertainment room, it seems there is no obstacle too great, no space too small, no wall that can’t conceal a Dolby Atmos system, custom LEDs and, of course, a fridge.

So whether you’re looking for inspiration, escapism or a bit of both, get your popcorn, turn off your phone, fill your glass from the outrageous custom bar and step right this way. Hit the arrows on the image to begin your own secret tour...


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