Piega's £75k Gen 2 speakers promise to be smaller, stronger and more versatile

MLS 2 Gen2 in white lifestyle
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If you've got £75,000 burning a hole in your pocket – and let's be honest, who hasn't? – you might consider Piega's new floorstanding speakers. Admittedly you could instead pay off a large chunk of your mortgage, buy a new high-end car or convert your loft. But one look at the MLS 2 Gen2 and all those sensible options might not seem so appealing.

MLS stands for Master Line Source. These second-generation models are smaller, stronger and more versatile than their predecessors. Their coaxial line source technology promises to focus the sound waves towards the listener, making for a precise, dynamic sound – it's the most complex driver produced in-house, and it's all done by hand. 

The more compact cabinet has been significantly reinforced, which not only makes it more resistant, it also helps the bass. With two driven 22cm UHQD drivers and two passive radiators on bass duties, Piega claims the Gen 2's low-frequency reproduction is on par with a full-sized floorstanding speaker.

But it's not all about the bass. Ribbon tweeters, coaxial line sources, and dipoles are also put to work inside the speakers. Piega claims the sound extends further than conventional speakers, which helps avoid reflections from the floor and ceiling. The sound is so focussed that room tuning and calibration aren't necessary, with "perfect localisation and convincing timing", according to Piega. (We can't verify these claims without having tested the speakers for ourselves.)

MLS 2 Gen2 in white

(Image credit: Piega)

They're equally at home when placed near walls or in more challenging rooms, too, thanks to the higher diffusivity. Piega has made the transition between the bass and mid-high frequency unit more homogenous, creating a more natural, more immersive soundstage.

And they look the part, thanks to their aluminium fronts that come in black, matte white or Zebrano wood finishes. They're available now, and are yours for £75,000 / $125,000 / approx AU$190,000.


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