Philips' small, square and ultra-portable MP3 player

Philips SA2845

Compact, highly portable and still packing top notch sound - those seem to be the unsurprising points to remember about the latest digital music players from Philips.

The Go Gear range of portables has been bolstered by four new models, each measuring a meagre 4 x 4cms square and just 1.5cms deep. Two of the models, the 4GB SA2845 and the 2GB SA2825, feature FM radios, while there are two non-tuner versions, the 4GB SA2840 and 2GB SA2820.

All four models offer Philips patented Full Sound technology and claim to come with high quality in-ear headphones, which would make a nice change. Full Sound looks to enhance the dynamics, bass, treble and stereo imaging of compressed MP3 files - in part by analysing tracks million times per second to 'recompute' the audio signal. It certainly sounds clever.

The players are compatible with MP3 and WMA file formats - just drag and drop from your PC - and should be able to provide around 20 hours of playback.